Regional Conference “Bringing WHO recommendations on safe abortion and family planning closer to women in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia”

The RHTC and Regional Training Center organizez a two-day regional conference on Safe and Legal Abortion and post-abortion family planning, on November 15-16th, 2018, in Chisinau, Moldova. Conference participants will be teams from 12 countries, comprised by stakeholders, trained on development of the guidelines and protocols and those with expertise on safe abortion and family planning.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection from Moldova, the State Medical and Pharmacy University “Nicolae Testemitanu”, WHO HRP and Moldova Country office, UNFPA EECARO and country office, SAAF, Gynuity Health Projects, ESC, ant others are invited to be the partners for this event and for the project.

During the conference (objectives):

  1. we will discuss about the country/regional situation on abortion and family planning, we’ll share country positive example and lessons learned;
  2. we’ll remind to the stakeholders from countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia about the latest WHO recommendations related to safe abortion and family planning;
  3. we’ll advocate for the women’s sexual and reproductive rights;
  4. we’ll advocate for the development/adaptation/implementation/update of the national guidelines/protocols in abortion and prevention of unwanted pregnancy;
  5. On the last day, the countries will develop a National Plan of Action, with the focus on development/adaptation/implementation of the national guidelines/protocols
  6. During the conference, a proposal to launch a Regional Coalition for Preventing of Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion will be presented and discussed. The stakeholders from the countries of Eastern Europe and
    Central Asia Region will be invited to become members of the coalition. The potential Coalition activities and needs will be discussed. We envision the Coalition as a platform for active communication, information-sharing, support and advocacy for promoting safe abortion methods, in accordance to WHO recommendations.

As a follow-up, we will be able to offer support to at least five countries to develop national guidelines/protocols on safe abortion, or for the revision of their current policies. The countries, which have policy documents on abortion, will be encouraged to review them and to update their M&E system of data collection, to include data on quality of abortion.

Materials of the Regional Conference (15-16.11.2018)

Feedback from participants:

Анибал Фаундес, Бразилия. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев)

Екатерина Пественидзе, Грузия. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев)

Mая Какагельдыева, Туркменистан. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев)
Дильфуза Курбанбекова, Узбекистан. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев) Елена Николаева, Россия. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев) Галина Чиркина, Кыргызстан. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев)


Оксана Теслова. Беларусь. О Региональной Конференции (Кишинев)