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The Regional Reproductive Health and Rights Coalition

Dear colleague,

You have accessed the survey page that we created to invite you to support the Regional Reproductive Health and Rights Coalition and to take part in it, as an individual or on behalf of an organization.

The Regional Reproductive Health and Rights Coalition was launched during the Regional Conference “Bringing the WHO Recommendations on Safe Abortion and Family Planning Closer to Women in Countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia” on 16 November 2018, coalition supported by the SAAF project (Safe Abortion Action Fund).

The Coalition was launched by professionals and SCO’s members from 12 countries from Eastern Europe and Central Asia who attended the Conference and unanimously voted the necessity to create this regional body, in order to unify the efforts and advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and universal access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including sexual health education, contraception and safe abortion.

The GOAL of the Coalition is to promote, fulfill and advance sexual and reproductive rights for people in EECA and achieve universal access to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services, including to safe abortion and family planning.